Pedal Pendle Festival Results 2016

Results from today’s races at the Steven Burke Sports Hub, Pedal Pendle Festival.

Youth D(U10), E(U8)

Entrants10Event ClassificationYouth   
Starters10Promoting ClubCDPP   
Race Time00:14:25Chief CommissaireLen Woffindin / Alan Gornall   
PositionRace NumberNameTeam/ClubCatLaps DownGender
19Catrin FergusonCycle Sport PendleD f
26Toby LucasCycle Sport PendleD m
31Stan RobertsLeigh Premier RCD m
45Fraser DickinsonCycle Sport PendleD m
53Amelia WaltonPedalsport Cycling ClubD f
610Ned WhitakerCycle Sport PendleD m
74Archie BoltonCycle Sport PendleE1m
87Ellis FranklandCycle Sport PendleE1m
98Bryony WimblesCycle Sport PendleD1f
102Harry GarnettCycle Sport PendleE1m


Youth B and C (U14 and U12)

Entrants19Event ClassificationYouth   
Starters19Promoting ClubCDPP   
Race Time00:27:59Chief CommissaireLen Woffindin / Alan Gornall   
PositionRace NumberNameTeam/ClubCatLaps DownGender
12Andrew LemmSportcity VeloB M
21Joshua CloughCycle Sport PendleB M
34Daniel VincentEastlands VeloB M
456Ava OxleyVCUK ph-masB F
55Matthew FineganCycle Sport PendleB m
63Jack LucasCycle Sport PendleB M
753Maisy VasicSportcity VeloB F
8151Noah DaviesCycle Sport PendleC m
9154Ben WilsonCycle Sport PendleC m
106Oliver WaltonPedalsport CCB m
1152Kate TaylorCycle Sport PendleB F
12152George SayleCycle Sport PendleC m
1354Jasmine PuseyCycle Sport PendleB F
14155Matilda MckibbenCycle Sport PendleC1f
15153Hannah WilsonCycle Sport PendleC1f
16157Charley BealCycle Sport PendleC1m
1755Ashlea JollyCycle Sport PendleB2F
1851Ciara GostlingCycle Sport PendleB2F
19158Sean MattocksCycle Sport PendleC2m


Youth A Boys (U16)

Entrants8Event ClassificationYouth   
Starters7Promoting ClubCDPP   
Race Time00:33:37Chief CommissaireLen Woffindin / Alan Gornall   
PositionRace NumberNameTeam/ClubCatLaps DownGender
18Joe BarnsSportcity VeloA m
24Halley WoodsSportcity VeloA M
32Joe HowcroftVCUK PH-MAS Cycling TeamA M
47Jonny GillIklley CCA1m
53Josh SteeleCycle Sport PendleA1M
66Henry James A2m
75Oliver WaltonPedalsportB3M


Women’s Race, All Categories

Entrants5Event ClassificationWomens   
Starters5Promoting ClubCDPP   
Race Time00:40:45Chief CommissaireLen Woffindin / Alan Gornall   
PositionRace NumberNameTeam/ClubCatLaps DownGender
13Savannah MorganTeam 222ndJ F
21Charlotte GormanBury Clarion Cycling Club3rd F
35Corrine SideRacing ChanceA F
42Melissa GreavesBronte Wheelers/Neophix Eng3rd F
54Claire RutherfordWheelguru2nd F


Regional A Cat 234 Race

Entrants14Event ClassificationRegionalA   
Starters12Promoting ClubCDPP   
Race Time00:42:48Chief CommissaireLen Woffindin / Alan Gornall   
PositionRace NumberNameTeam/ClubCatLaps DownGender
13Daniel FeatherstoneAndy Moore Autocentres Racing2nd M
210Matthew BulmerAll Terrain Cycles2 M
32Joel CandyAndy Moore Autocentres Racing2nd M
412Gareth WisemanCycle Sport Pendle2 M
511Steven GottIlkley CC3 M
61Andy BishopAndy Moore Autocentres Racing2nd M
79David ParingtonRibble Vallt RC3 M
86Daniel WorrallMossley CRT3rd M
914Robbie PollardOtley CC2J M
1013Ian HeslerMTS Cycle Sport3 M
117Martin PateNorth Lancashire RC4th M
128Luke O’ConnellEast Bradford CCA M