CDPP is a volunteer organisation with members from local cycling clubs and organisations related to cycling.

CDPP with Pendle Council promotes cycling in the Pendle area and assists with the running and development  of the Steven Burke Sports Hub Cycling Circuit and BMX pump track.

CDPP Sport is a subgroup that hosts racing and other events at the facility.

Cycle Circuit

Circuit designed for cycling activity

Cycle Route 68

The Hub is close to Cycle Route 68 on the canal tow path

BMX Pump Track

The excellent BMX pump track, open to the public

Private Cycling Session

Cycle Sport Pendle club session, young riders with parents

Coaching, Training, Racing, Leisure, Promotions, Schools, Wheels for All

Road Circuit

More about the road circuit

BMX Track

More about the BMX Track


CDPP Events

Cycling for all at the Hub

The hub is now home to a diverse mix of cycling disciplines, from the novice to Olympic Champions, schools, grass root coaching, riders with disabilities and simple leisure riding for all.


Supporting Cycling in Pendle

CDPP meets as two groups. The main CDPP group supports Pendle Council with cycling initiatives in the area such as safe road routes, cycleways, cycle lanes, cycling facilities, cycling related events. CDPP continues to be the link between users of the Hub Facility and Pendle Council.

CDPP (Sport) is a subgroup with a specific interest with the Steven Burke Cycling Hub facility and its activities. This website managed by CDPP (Sport).

The Redefined CDPP 2018

In 2018 the original CDPP group was amalgamated with the Pendle Cycling Forum, and the combined group named CDPP. CDPP members were already attending the Forum, and other cycling activities of interest to the Forum were using the Hub facilities.

The original CDPP is now referred to as CDPP sport, with its close association with the Hub, cycle racing and activities at the Hub. All the active individuals on the CDPP Sport group are members of CDPP.