The Redefined CDPP 2018

In 2018 the original CDPP group was amalgamated with the Pendle Cycling Forum, and the combined group named CDPP. Original CDPP members were already attending the Forum, and other cycling activities of interest to the Forum were using the Hub facilities.

The original CDPP is now referred to as CDPP sport, with its close association with the Hub, cycle racing and activities at the Hub. All the active individuals on the CDPP Sport group are members of CDPP.

CDPP continues to be affiliated to British Cycling, enabling CDPP to run racing events.

Aims of the CDPP

These aims are updated from the initial aims, to reflect the ongoing use of the facility, and the wider participation of CDPP members with Pendle Council cycling initiatives.

  • Raise awareness of the facility in the community & with other cycling clubs & organisations
  • Put together feasible usage agreements for track time between the partnership members and other groups and clubs
  • Manage the track usage agreement with Pendle Council
  • Promote and develop the use of the circuit
  • Promote future community participation
  • Develop future competitive cycling events
  • Develop a web presence, Facebook page & Twitter feeds and continually promote the facility and its opportunities within the local community and beyond through media
  • Sustain a not for profit operation that will contribute to track maintenance
  • Maintain a relationship with British Cycling
  • Develop and maintain a relationship with other cycling bodies as appropriate
  • Assist Pendle Council with developing cycling in the area.

Partnership Members

Members are representatives of local cycling clubs and other groups enthusiastic about promoting cycling in the area in all its forms, and more specifically at the Steven Burke Sports Hub circuit.

All individuals involved with CDPP are unpaid volunteers, contributing their free time. Please respect these people for their contributions.

CDPP Sport Officials

Len Woffindin  – Chairman (Cycle Sport Pendle)

Paul Whittaker – Secretary (Pendle Forest CC)

Craig Cowgill – Treasurer (Pendle Forest CC)

Alan Roper (Clayton Velo)

Alan Gornall