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Some of the original partner organisations may no longer exist.


Partnership clubs, groups, Companies

Steve Wilson, Head at Pendle Vale College

“As Headteacher of Pendle Vale College I am writing to throw the full support of myself and all at Pendle Vale College behind the proposed, exciting new development of the Steven Burke Sports Hub”. Support Letter

Going forward with the Sport England “Inspired” bid are letters of support by partnership members and other bodies. For a broad and informative insight to how the Hubs success will impact on many of Pendle’s clubs, schools and organisations please click on the support letter links below.

  • Cycle Sport Pendle (CSP)
  • Pendle Vale Sports College (Pendle Vale peddlers)
  • Pendle Forrest Cycling Club
  • Nelson Wheelers
  • Burnley and Pendle Cyclist Touring Club
  • Pendle Sports Partnership
  • GoVelo cycle training
  • Clayton Velo Cycling Club
  • Clitheroe Bike club
  • Pendle BC Engineers/special projects team
  • Pendle Sports Development/Adapted Cycle Project (Pendle Leisure Trust)
  • Pendle Parks and Recreation department
  • Pennine Events
  • Hope Technology / Hope factory Elite racing Team
  • Blazing Saddles

Pendle Hill

CDPP partners have a vast range of cycling knowledge and have come together to promote all forms of cycling in the Pendle area and wider region, and especially at the proposed Steven Burke Sports Hub in the shadow of the famous Pendle Hill.
The mix of clubs, schools, Borough organisations, specialist companies and Elite athletes past and present have all the skills and experience to set in motion a sustainable range of cycling activities for all. From complete novice and school children, competitive grass root racing to expert coaching and rider development and budding Olympians.

A small one off financial contribution from the inaugural members has enabled the partnership to operate with a £1,000 start up fund. It is envisaged that additional membership to the CDPP will be ongoing.

If your club or group would like to be part of this exciting project please contact Partnership Chairman Peter Boast by email.

 Cycle Sport Pendle (CSP)

Cycle Sport Pendle

Established in 2008 CSP has become a beacon club recognised for its work introducing children to cycling. Club mark accredited, CSP is Pendle community club of the year. Letter of support from CSP, Neil Welsh.

Pendle Forest Cycling Club

Pendle Forest Cycling Club

Generations of cyclist have enjoyed the ‘PF’s wide range of activities and relaxed style. The club can take credit for the early years and introduction to two wheels of a certain local Olympic Champion! Letter of support from PF, Paul Whittaker.

Go Velo (Cyle Training)

Go VeloGo Velo, Pendlebased, the company provides a diverse range of cycle training and activities throughout Pendle and Lancashire, including Bikability, group training, and bike maintenance Letter of support from GoVelo, Kirsti Grayson.

Pendle Sports Development (Wheels for all / out and about)

Pendle Sports DevelopmentThe Borough organises a variety of cycling initiatives including ‘out and about’ weekly led rides for beginners, balanceability for tots and the Wheels for all adapted bike scheme for riders with disabilities.


Nelson Wheelers Cycling Club

Nelson WheelersA cycling club founded in 1914 which makes it the oldest club in the area and continues to promote grass root racing. The club as traditional links with the Cyclist Touring Club (CTC). Letter of support from Nelson Wheelers, Steve Wilkinson.

Clayton Velo Cycling Club

Clayton VeloPast glories have included Tour of Britain riders and GB Internationals, a dedicated out and out racing club in the past. In the present the Velo promote races and assist others offering a wealth of experience. Letter of support from Clayton Velo, Alan Roper.


 Hope Technology/ Hope Factory racing

Hope TechnologyHope employs 85 engineers in Pendle producing high tech components for Mountain bikes. The company are supporters of grass root cycling and run a successful Elite team of racers. Letter of support from Hope Technology, Ian Weatherall and Simon Sharp.



Burnley and Pendle CTC (Cyclist Touring Club)

Burnley and Pendle CTCThe Club is part of CTC, the UK’s national cyclist’s organisation. See A very active and friendly cycling club, offering riders a chance to explore the scenic byways of Pendleside, the Yorkshire Dales and the Forest of Bowland “under your own steam” with like minded people. Letter of support from Burnley and Pendle CTC

Clitheroe Bike Club

Clitheroe Bike ClubA relatively new club formed to cater for cycling enthusiasts in the Clitheroe and surrounding area.  A club that welcomes all types of cycling  MTB – Road – BMX – Leisure – Touring – Beginners and most importantly Family and Junior cyclists.

The club have a number of qualified trainers to teach both on-road and off-road cycling skills & safety. The club have regular social meetings at the Grand theatre. Letter of support from Clitheroe Bike Club, Richard Paige.

Pendle Vale Sports College (Pendle Vale Peddlers)

Pendle Vale CollegeA brand new initiative based at the countries first to open ‘School for the Future’ a specialist sports college. There will be 20 bikes available for afterschool and enhancement programme. Pendle Vale Peddlers will benefit from 1 teacher coach (Level 2). Letter of support from Pendle Vale Sports College, Head, Steve Wilson, also from Pendle Vale Cycling Co-ordinator, Adam Blakeley.

Blazing Saddles

Blazing SaddlesPendle has lots of interesting tracks and trails, Formed over 10 years ago the club has around 30 active riders of all abilities. The club welcomes new riders and anyone interested in MTBing. The club forum and website is the best place to find out more.

Pendle Parks and Recreation department


Additional Letters of Support

Letter from Lancashire Sport Partnership, Mark Stephenson

Letter from Pendle Leisure Trust, Clive Escreet

Letter from Lancashire County Council, Alasdair Simpson

Letter from Pennine Events, Mark Sandamas

Letter from Pendle School Sport Partnership, Neil Stewart

Letter from Nelson and Colne College, Alison Rushton


Cycle Sport Pendle, a thriving young Cycling Club

CSP is a thriving cycling club, promoting cycling and cycling related social activities for young riders and their parents. The level of support and commitment can be seen in these pictures at two recent events.

Cycle Sport Pendle

Cycle Sport Pendle at Colne Grand Prix 2012

Cycle Sport Pendle

Cycle Sport Pendle riders at Seed Hill athletics track, the current training session venue.