Summer Race Series

CDPP organises a cycle racing series at the Steven Burke Circuit  over the summer months for regular racing riders. Races are open to riders from age category Youth C (10-12 age) and older. Races are run to British Cycling Regulations.

Colne Grand Prix

CDPP partners with Colne Town Council to organise the Colne Grand Prix. This is a British Cycling National Series event, with racing on the closed road of the Colne town centre one way system.

It is sponsored by a number of local businesses, and a we are very grateful for their contribution. It also demands a lot of help from local cycling enthusiasts, for assisting with the preparations and with jobs at the event. Many of the additional officials are those that run the local circuit series races, course marshalling required many people, many with links to CDPP.

NWCCA Regional Cyclocross

CDPP is the organisation behind the Towneley Park Cyclocross event, part of the North West Cyclocross Association (NWCCA) league. This is supported by a number of local clubs and many local riders.

Other Events

CDPP and local cycling clubs assist with other local events, supporting other clubs and organisations. CSP Summer youth circuit races, open road races including the Clayton Velo Spring Classic, Pendle Forest time trials.

Electronic Timing System

The CDPP website has results from CDPP and other events. Results require placing of riders, travelling at speed across a finish line. For major events the official method is to use high resolution video at the finish line, so we use HD video cameras at races. At a circuit where the race is many laps with riders losing laps, the result is a combination of the position over the line and the number of laps. All our officials are experienced with producing a result from a video and written notes of the race, but there is a much easier method!

The circuit has an electronic timing loop installed, which is attached to the timing system brought to the event.  It records each lap for each rider, from which we get a computer results after the last rider finishing. Although it is extremely precise, very close positions are confirmed with video.

We occasionally run occasionally run the system at other venues, primarily Youth events in the North West.

Volunteers and Helpers

CDPP is a volunteer organisation, relying on volunteers to asisst with all our activities:

  • Organising and running Races
  • Running the electronic timing system
  • Assisting with other events
  • Support our cycling support activity with Pendle Council

Willing helpers, please contact us using our contact form, or speak with one of the helpers at our events.

Colne Grand Prix

Colne Grand Prix

Towneley Cyclocross