Bookings are subject to Government and Pendle Council Covid-19 guidelines. You will be advised during the booking process.

Fees and Charges

Details of fees and charges are available from Pendle Council.

Booking Process

For cycling related facility booking:

  1. Please refer to the calendar below before sending in a booking request, unavailable times are shown.
  2. Complete and send the booking request with your full details.
  3. If you require more than one day, please enter the start date then full details of your requirement in additional information.
  4. Booking is by the hour.
  5. Booking will be confirmed when Pendle Council booking forms are completed and returned to Pendle Council.
  6. Payment will be made by invoice at the end of each calendar month.

Conditions Summary

  • All bookings must confirm that insurance is in place.
  • Risk Assessments must be written and implemented.
  • Riders aged 16 and under must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • All hirers must complete and return the user monitoring form after each session.

Full Terms and Conditions

The full booking terms and conditions are available from Pendle Council on request.

Non-Cycling Bookings

For non-cycling bookings please use the booking form with specific information about how you intend to use the circuit.

Some activities are not suitable at the circuit. It is important that the surface is not damaged, and remains in good condition for safe cycling.




Booking Request Form

For all cycling related bookings, you may leave us a booking request using the form below.

For all non-cycling related bookings, please use the booking form and include full details about your planned use of the circuit.