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banner2Cycle Sport Pendle (CSP) was formed in 2008. The following information and statistics about CSP has been prepared in support of the proposed Hub bid. CSP has built steadily over a five year period and was formed by experienced cyclists with the aim of introducing children to the various aspects of cycle sport and leisure riding, competitive and non-competitive.

The intervening years have shaped the development and direction of the club. Parents have been a crucial ingredient and CSP membership statistics reflects a fundamental growth in both adult and child participation. The membership is made up of 53 adults and 89 children and approximate gender split is…. 2/3 male…..1/3 female over all ages including adult. Club session attendance has increased 200% post London 2012 Olympics.

Parent volunteers are an integral part of the club’s management and support network of volunteers. Coaching volunteers, through parent recruitment has increased 100% post London.

Overview of CSP activities

The club has a wide range of ongoing activities and participation opportunities for all ages. Some riders and families are involved exclusively for leisure riding and the skills coaching aspects of the club, whilst others have embraced the sport in a competitive sense and are experiencing racing through the various age categories and disciplines e.g. Road, Track (Velodrome), Cyclocross, Mountain Bike and have access to quality performance coaching as a group and one to one.

In addition the club has a healthy social and supportive network, everyone has access to a wealth of knowledge and experience which is freely passed on and shared. The ladies section (primarily CSP mums) has grown organically and three coaching candidates and one Bikeability instructor have been recruited from our lady members.

Overview of CSP Rider Progression and Award Scheme

The club is structured into three distinctive ability groups with clear and recorded development pathways. CSP has an awards scheme, Gold, Silver, and Bronze that our riders work towards at each session.

  • CSPRookiesCSP Rookies, as the name implies, new and inexperienced riders generally age 7 – 10. There are approximately 45 riders in this group.
  • CSP SkillzCSP Skillz, generally age 11 – 14, older riders ready to master more advance techniques and physical progression. There are approximately 20 riders in this group.
  • CSP RDPCSP RDP (Rider Development Programme) age 14 – 18 riders who have started competing or about to and are self motivated and committed to improving both technically and physically. Our approach to rider development has the full support of our Governing body and there is regular input from the regional British Cycling Talent Development Coach.

The club’s role in the community

CSP has become a beacon club and recognised throughout cycling as a sustainable model and modern thinking club. There are opportunities for all ages and abilities. The club recognised from the outset that teenagers are much less catered for than all other age groups and often leave the sport after encouraging starts and introductions. Changing that scenario has been the driving consideration from day one. Encouragingly, along the way it has become clear that harnessing the enthusiasm of parents and children new to the sport is paramount. The club has clearly done that and will continue to do that in the community by being pro active, inclusive and focused on our three development pathways.

The club also recognise that a strong community of cycling related bodies will underpin any work our club or neighbouring clubs achieve. By leading in the formation of the Cycling Development Pendle Partnership (CDPP) Cycle Sport Pendle are demonstrating a long term commitment to the community and the introduction of cycling to all Pendle’s residents.

CSP Rider Progression to Competitive Cycling

Many of our CSP riders are keen to embrace the competitive aspect of cycling from an early age. The CSP approach is to ensure that riders are prepared for the level of event they compete in, whether it is a Go-Ride Race for beginners, or a National Championship event for the more experienced riders.

We have riders competing in national and regional criterium races, series and leagues, regional and national road and stage races, regional track leagues, national track events, mountain bike events, time trials, and during the colder months cyclocross events. In 2012 an RDP team took part in the youth tour of Scotland. The British Universities and Colleges Sports National Points Race Champion, and Team Pursuit Champion for 2012 is a CSP under 23 member and coach.

A number of CSP families regularly take part in Sportif events.

Impact of the Steven Burke sports hub & future progression

The figures below show that the highest attending age group are the under 8s and least attending are the over 16s. The CSP goal is to address that trend while maintaining our younger recruitment. We believe the hub will have significant participation impact across a number of clubs and organisations other than our own club requirement. The formation of the Cycling Development Pendle Partnership (CDPP) is testament to that.

Touched on earlier was the fall out rate and slow recruitment of boys and girls age 14 and over this is primarily because cycling specific venues are unavailable to many riders and clubs, including those in Pendle. It can be shown that where areas and clubs that do have facilities the recruitment and importantly the retention rates are much higher. The CSP vision is to grow and develop riders through to adulthood regardless of ability.

We are especially encouraged and excited at the recently announced Enrichment Programme at Pendle Vale Community Sports College. The College’s commitment to form a in-house cycling club and give pupils, boys and girls from all backgrounds the opportunity to ride and learn more about cycling for leisure and sport is an excellent addition to the mix, and will give the opportunity of feeder programmes to our sessions and ultimately CSP membership. This is especially relevant in the recruitment of older children as previously highlighted.

The route from school to the proposed hub is already a marked and a safe designated school link of approximately 900 Metres, ride time approximately 3 minutes, walk time approximately  8 minutes, Naturally the envisaged usage of the hub by the school would be throughout term time and after school sessions supported by CSP coaches and volunteers when required.

In summary, leisure, training, school enrichment, wheels for all, competitive coaching and racing can all come together at one unique purpose built facility.

The popularity of cycling is at an all time high in the UK and the focus for CSP is to ensure we are ready for the influx of newcomers to our sport. With this in mind we are looking ahead, recruiting volunteers and coaches, and developing our sessions in readiness and prospect of the Steven Burke hub. CSP are 100% committed to its success and sincerely hope the bid is successful on all fronts.

CSP Contribution to Competitive Cycling

Cycle Sport Pendle organises race events.

In 2012 CSP organised a road race, a regional cyclocross race as part of the league, and Go-Ride race events. Due to the lack of a local facility, CSP do not currently organise any regional road race event for youth riders on a closed road circuit.

For more information about the club, please  visit the CSP website


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