The Circuit

The circuit is 1052.5 metres in length, measured round the inside edge. There are four “cut-throughs” allowing it to be used by 3 distinct groups for training purposes, or for shorter races.

The velodrome shaped section is 255 metres in length, specifically included in the design to enable coaching of “track” skills for riders by local track coaches. A word of caution: track bikes with a fixed gear as used at a velodrome should not be used. The circuit is not banked, and fixed wheel track bikes don’t have brakes!

The circuit is floodlit allowing use in low light and at night, essential during the winter months.

Public Access

The circuit has regular time slots for the general public, available when not specifically booked. For large events, public sessions may be cancelled. Please check the calendar on our booking page.

For safety of users and the general public, when using the circuit during public time please:

  • Ride in an anticlockwise direction
  • Do not take dogs through gates onto the circuit, on or off a lead
  • Ride responsibly: the circuit is used by all ages and abilities
  • Wearing a cycling helmet when riding a bike is advised.

The calendar on our booking page has details of current booked sessions.

Ride the Circuit – Availability

The road cycling circuit is open for FREE public use daily from 7am to 10am (Saturday 9am), and all times when not specifically booked.

A weekly calendar of booked sessions is displayed next to the double access gates to the circuit at the Barrowford end, or on this website. It is also displayed by the gates to the football pavilion in the Cravendale Avenue car park. 

Cycle Sport Pendle run youth training sessions, Pendle Forest CC run adult sessions,  CDPP and others run race events, and sessions for schools run by British Cycling and other coaches.  During these times the circuit is not open to the public.

When booked, access gates to the circuit will normally be closed, with the notice on the gates set to indicate a booked session is in progress. Please respect the booked sessions.

Private Circuit Hire

The facility and the pavilion can be booked for private use.

The booking must in advance with Pendle Council, via this website and can include:

  • The circuit booked by the hour outside the public times
  • The Pavilion with toilet facilities and changing rooms is also available
  • Access for car parking
  • Access to race equipment by prior arrangement with CDPP

Book for cycling, running, walking, in-line skating, and more. Certain types of event may require additional permissions with sport governing bodies and the Council: racing events, commercial activity, social event, catering.

Schools and British Cycling

The facility is used by local schools and by British Cycling for various activities. 

Club session at the circuit
Circuit Lights on
Event at the Hub