Results from Pedal Pendle Festival 24th September 2017, at the Steven Burke Sports Hub, Nelson.

Youth DE (Under 10)

Race Time00:16:13Chief CommissaireDave Cockram   
PositionRace NumberNameTeam/ClubCatLaps DownGender
112Thomas StevensEastlands VeloD M
211Albie JonesNorth Cheshire ClarionD M
313Max WaterfieldClifton CCD M
414James InghamCSPD M
51Joel Woods E M
62Frank WhiteNorth Cheshire ClarionE1M
73Harry GarnettCSPE1M


Youth C (Under 12)

PosNo.NameClub/TeamClassLapsTotal TmDiffGap
163Joe WaterfieldClifton CCC1221:52.9  
269Sebastian GrindleyNorth Cheshire ClarionC1221:53.30.4310.431
366John BardsleySalt Ayre Cog SetC1222:47.554.66254.231
467Maxwell HerewardCSPC1222:48.855.9181.256
570Ryan ThomasEast BradfordC1222:48.956.0060.088
664John WhiteNorth Cheshire ClarionC1222:48.956.0490.043
762Gareth McCloreyNorth Cheshire ClarionC1222:49.056.1880.139
861Oliver HodgkinsonNorth Cheshire ClarionC1222:49.957.0520.864
968Tomasso CampanaCSPC1222:58.601:05.88.71
1065Owen WoollandNorth Cheshire ClarionC1122:33.11 Lap1 Lap
1173Hannah McCloreyNorth Cheshire ClarionC1122:33.71 Lap0.61
1272Morgan Leeming-SykesOtley CCC1123:02.81 Lap29.156
1371Natasha HillNorth Cheshire ClarionC1123:05.71 Lap2.898


Youth B Boys

PosNo.NameClub/TeamClassLapsTotal TmDiffGap
140Thomas LordEastlands VeloB2241:21.4  
232Jack CoatesOtley CCB2241:21.60.2620.262
339Lewis DolanCleveland WheelersB2241:22.00.6460.384
441Lachlan HackerNorth Cheshire ClarionB2241:22.20.7730.127
538James SatoorMid Shropshire WheelersB2241:22.20.8020.029
635Dexter Leeming-SykesOtley CCB2241:22.61.2440.442
733Andrew HuntingtonSalt Ayre Cog SetB2241:22.71.3230.079
837Thomas PurcellLiverpool Century Cycling AcademyB2241:23.11.7240.401
936Adam McCloreyNorth Cheshire ClarionB2241:23.21.8670.143
1034Harry JordanEastlands VeloB2241:23.31.9340.067
1131Jamie BrownEastlands VeloB2241:24.12.7360.802


Youth A

Only one Youth B girl presented for the Youth A and B girls race, due to start after the B Boys race. The girls race was cancelled, and this one girl, Isabelle rode extremely well with the Youth A boys.


PosNo.NameClub/TeamClassLapsTotal TmDiffGap
110Joseph LawGreen JerseyA2233:50.9  
26Harvey StrohTeam SB HubA2234:02.511.53911.539
311Andrew LemmSportcity VeloA2235:16.801:25.901:14.4
47Thomas LordEastlands VeloB2235:16.901:25.90.042
52Adam MitchellSportcity VeloA2235:17.201:26.20.288
68Jack CoatesOtley CCB2235:17.401:26.50.233
712William Foster A2235:17.501:26.60.126
89Conor McKinnonSouthport CCA2235:17.801:26.90.285
94Benjamin StevensSportcity VeloA2134:00.91 Lap1 Lap
105Michael StrangeIlkley Cycling ClubA2134:04.91 Lap3.973
111Jack MillarEast Lancashire RCA1834:07.74 Laps3 Laps
1281Isabelle McKinnonSouthport CCB1835:12.24 Laps01:04.5
DNS3Adam SmithBirkenhead North End CCA  DNS 


Regional A Event

A women’s race was programmed before the Mens race. As only 1 lady presented, the ladies race was cancelled. This one lady rode in the mens race.

PosNo.NameClub/TeamClassLapsTotal TmDiffGap
12Andy BishopAndy Moore Autocentres Racing2nd3348:24.0  
16Nick MooreAndy Moore Autocentres Racing2nd3348:24.0  
315Robbie PollardOtley CC2ndJ3349:45.001:21.001:21.0
49Christopher WatersBill Nickson Cycles RT3rd3349:45.201:21.20.216
57Alexander SimmonsPro Vision Race Team2nd3349:45.301:21.20.041
63Aaron Chambers-SmithAndy Moore Autocentres Racing2nd3349:45.301:21.30.077
713Richard TaylorHarry Middleton CC2nd3349:45.401:21.40.106
814William StaveleyInGear Coaching naughtone2nd3349:45.501:21.40.03
912Frank BeresfordIlkley4th3149:49.62 Laps2 Laps
104Bruce JohnstonLeicestershire Road Club2nd3049:02.93 Laps1 Lap
DNF11Halley WoodsSportcity Velo2nd2638:35.7DNF 
DNF51Georgia AshworthTeam 222ndJ1526:16.1DNF 
DNF8Ben SlavenRacepace4th1118:00.5DNF 
DNS1Callum BelfieldEast Lancashire RC2nd  DNS 
DNS52Melissa GreavesAll Terrain Cycles Ride in Peace2nd  DNS 
DNS53Victoria KollardRacepace4th  DNS