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Swinden Playing Fields

The proposed facility that would take Steven’s name is located at Swinden Playing Fields in Pendle. The wide open space borders urbanisation in the Borough towns of Colne, Nelson and Barrowford and sits between the arterial transport links of past and present, namely the M65 Motorway and the Leeds Liverpool Canal. Cycle Sport Pendle (CSP) have worked tirelessly behind the scenes, inducting new members, new parent volunteers and mentoring a large intake of prospective coaches in readiness for future growth and development.

Crucially, and for the benefit of all cycling clubs and groups in the area the formation of the Pendle Cycling Development Partnership (CDPP) will enable short, medium and long term opportunities of cycling development in the Borough to be nourished and driven forward.

Swinden Cycle TrackTrack Layout and configuration opportunities

Coaching, Cycle training, and wheels for all was at the forefront of track design

The dual carriageway effect track will run parallel to Pendle Water and be adjacent to current cricket and football pitches. The proposed configuration will allow between one and five ability groups to be coached or trained simultaneously. The red outlined element to the track is a facsimile of a 250 metre ‘Velodrome’ although this will be entirely flat with limited camber it will allow for an early introduction to the skills and coaching requirements necessary for Olympic Indoor track disciplines and a substantial stepping stone in a young rider’s progression. Limited and unobtrusive fencing is envisaged and a gating system will operate during organised sessions to allow good user management. At all other times full access will be available.

The open space of Swinden has been home to Football and Cricket for many years and the present facilities include:

  • Single story sixteen room changing block / pavilion
  • Car parking
  • Part perimeter cycle track leading to outward routes and access to the canal towpath
  • 3 x football pitches
  • 2 x cricket rounds with artificial wickets
  • Outward routes to open countryside and designated cycle routes to schools
  • BMX/Mountain bike circuit

The development would improve and enhance the present facilities including:

  • Complete renovation and reconfiguration of changing facilities to include approximately one third dedicated space and resources for cycling activity and administration (two thirds football/cricket)
  • Renovated car parking and additional secure storage facilities
  • 1.2 km tarmac cycle track and coaching/training facilities
  • Better utilisation of the BMX/Mountain bike circuit within the hub’s boundary
  • Floodlit track

Canal Bridge SwindenPavilion / changing accommodation

An existing single story, flat roof building has been at Swinden playing fields for many years. The scheme will see the complete renovation and reconfiguration of existing changing facilities. This will include approximately 1/3 of the building being for the exclusive use of all cycling related activities.

The Cycling designated area will include male and female changing, showers, kitchen area and open space for small events or meetings. Access to the track is via the existing bridge that takes walkers and riders over the Leeds Liverpool canal and part of the schools link and Sustran route 68.

Stewardship of the new facility

Cycle Sport Pendle has been offered stewardship of the hub pavilion based on their demonstration over the last four years of sustained growth in youth cycling participation in Pendle. CSP have seen the number of children attending club coaching sessions grow from single figures to almost 100.

This of course has brought with it an increased responsibility to deliver quality coaching sessions and has seen the number of Club Coaches grow from two to ten. Over this period the club has also funded the purchase of a storage container and twenty bikes which can be used at club sessions. Whilst the Inspired Facilities bid, if successful in the second round of applications, is expected to cover the capital costs involved in the construction of the Hub, additional funding avenues and sponsorship are imperative in order to cover the training and development of Club Coaches and helpers. CSP is a non-profit organisation with a robust management committee made up of willing, unpaid volunteers. The club will of course work closely with all clubs and organisations now affiliated to the CDPP and its shared aims.

The project is currently going through the process of applying for funding. The funding partners are: Pendle Borough Council, Sport England (Inspired Fund) and British Cycling along with local area committees pledging money towards the project. A major party involved is CSP the local Go-Ride club.

Steve Burke Sports Hub Pictorial Plan