Round 18 is the last event of the 2022 season. It does not count towards the overall series.

The top 6 riders in each Race Championship were announced and recognised.

Tonight’s race result is here: MYLAPS Sporthive Event Results (Scroll down)

Both races tonight included:

  • A “Golden Kilometer” with cash prizes donated by Clayton Velo
  • A combative award – a bag of sweets
  • Cash prize for top 3 riders in each race.

Cat 34 Race

Golden Kilometer:

1st – Gareth Johnson – 12 points
2nd – Martin Woffindin – 6 points
3rd – Matthew Ellmore – 3 points

Combative Rider: Matthew Ellmore

E123 Race

Golden Kilometer:

1st – Harvey Stroh – 18 points
2nd – Tomas Mitchell – 9 points
3rd – Harry Paveley – 1 point

Combative Rider: Harvey Stroh

The Golden Kilometer Explained

There are 3 sprints within 1 kilometer. The first 3 riders over the line for each sprint get 6, 3, and 1 point. The 3 riders with the highest points are the prize winners. If there is a tie on Golden Kilometer points, the final race position at the end of the race determines the Golden Kilometer positions.

The procedure is:

  1. A whistle is blown with one lap to go to the start of the Golden Kilometer
  2. At the start of the Golden Kilometer, a white flag is shown for the first sprint at the finish line
  3. At approximately half a lap, a second white flag is shown at a half lap finish line for the second sprint
  4. At the end of the kilometer at the finish line (after  1 lap), the third white flag is shown for the third sprint

The SBSH is approximately 1Km per lap.