Colne Wheelpark Initiative

In the interest of sport and cycling, please sign the petition, see below

There is a plan by Pendle Council to declassify the former High Ropes Centre on Vivary Way in Colne as “Leisure Land”. This allows the land to… Continue reading

Circuit Opens

Grand Opening of Cycling Circuit at Steven Burke Sports Hub, 28th June 2014.

Saturday 28th June 2014 saw a fantastic  formal opening ceremony at the newly completed cycling facility, part of the Steven Burke sports Hub. Pendle’s Olympic… Continue reading

Sports Hub – Tarmac Laid

The development of the cycle track at the Steven Burke Sports Hub is now well underway. The ground work is now complete for the circuit, and the tarmac is being laid.

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The development commences

January 2014 sees the start of the building of the cycling circuit at Swinden in Nelson.

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